Rental Car Tenant Terms and Conditions


  • Total rental rates including Security Deposit must be settled before or when taking the vehicle either via bank transfer or Cash On Delivery (COD). Security Deposits depend on the type of vehicle and rental period. Security Deposit will be refunded when rental car is returned well and is free of traffic summons and so on. 
  • If the tenant wishes to book a vehicle for a certain date, the tenant must have a minimum ‘bank-in’ of RM100 as a booking fee. The amount of booking fee depends on the type of car and rental period. For reservations, the minimum rental period is 2 days on weekdays. And the minimum rental period varies on holidays and school holidays. 
  • Please contact us. If rental car is delayed, the next hour will be charged at least RM15 / hour (depending on the type of car). So to avoid paying a high rental fee please contact us before the end of the rental period and as early as possible if you want to extend the rental period at a better rate.

Drivers Terms

Copy of Identity Card / MyKad tenant.

Copy of Tenant Driving License.

Copy of Reference / Guarantor Identification Card (eg wife, brother, husband, relative etc.).

Copy of latest home utility bill (eg Astro bill, TNB bill, water bill etc.).

Business card if available. Student Card if a student.


The tenant is solely responsible for any summons resulting during the tenancy period.

Conditions & Prohibition When Renting a Car

It is forbidden to commit criminal activity or violate the laws of Malaysia. Police reports will be made in default.

Do not modify vehicle conditions and steal rental car accessories. Police reports will be made in default.

Do not carry fruit or smelly ingredients such as durian and jackfruit. Otherwise, RM30 will be deducted from the Security Deposit for the washing process.

Always obey the maximum speed and speed signals when driving as we monitor our vehicles with GPS tracker. Failure to follow our instructions, security deposit will not be refunded.

Do not rent or lend a car to others (Sublet).

It is prohibited to drive a rental car out of Peninsular Malaysia.

In the event of damage to the car due to negligence of the tenant within the rental period, the minimum charge (RM50) or maximum (RM2000) will be charged to the tenant and the value depends on the type and extent of damage.

In the event of technical damage such as battery running or heat radiator, we will replace with another car if there is or return your money back.

* If you are booking a car from us then we assume you already understand and agree to these terms and conditions.